A Day in Kyoto with KyoTours Japan

4 friends, 1 awesome afternoon in Kyoto. These travelers were reuniting in Kyoto and asked us for a fun, light tour with the best sights in the city and plenty of FOOD! KyoTours delivered, and everyone made memories to last a lifetime. Most of these locations can be visited on our full day Grand Tour of Kyoto.



Wagashi - Making Traditional Sweets by Hand

Guests Kate and Ryan wanted a hands-on Kyoto culture experience, so we took them to a workshop where we made wagashi, traditional sweets made of rice, sugar, and sweet azuki beans. This activity can be added on to most of our Kyoto tours. If you like working with your hands, trying new experiences, and - most importantly - eating delicious sweets, this wagashi workshop is for you! More info here.



Edge of Kyoto   &   A Day in Kansai

When aerial video production company Awa Drone from Tokushima, Japan wanted to film in Kyoto, they relied on KyoTours Japan to find the best locations to fly. We took them to some beautiful spots, and they blew us away with the jaw dropping footage they captured! Not all of these places are accessible for tours, but you can get a nice feel for Kyoto and a look at Arashiyama, which is featured on our Arashiyama Backroads Tour.