Half and Full Day Tours in Kyoto

Half Day Kyoto Highlights Tour

Designed to give you a glimpse at some of the best locations in Kyoto, and also gain insight into Kyoto's rich history and culture. The Highlights tour is recommended for first time visitors or guests with limited time to spend sightseeing but still want to squeeze in as many great locations as possible.

Full Day Kyoto Culture Tour in Higashiyama

Our premiere cultural experience for those who want slip back in time and explore Kyoto's most famous district firsthand and up close. From lavish temple complexes to the traditional backstreets of Gion, the dynamic beauty and rich history of Higashiyama will delight and surprise you.

Half Day Arashiyama Backroads Tour

Arashiyama's forested mountains and traditional houses lining winding roads will bring on the feeling of stepping into a small countryside village - all without leaving the Kyoto city limits. Explore a side of Kyoto that you would never imagine exists only 20 minutes from Kyoto Station on this walking tour.


Full Day Grand Tour of Kyoto's East & West Sides

With all the temples, shrines, and historical locations in Kyoto, it's impossible to see it all in one lifetime, let alone in a single vacation. Let KyoTours guide you through east and west Kyoto on a one day private adventure that will leave you with an impressive overview of the ancient capital.

Northwest Kyoto Estates and Temples Tour

Kyoto's finest historic estates are preserved today in the northwest district as magnificent temples. This tour of northwest Kyoto will take you to some of Kyoto's most famous and well known temples, but also passes through some tranquil spots and ends with a cup of tea in a charming secret garden.

Custom Tours

How do you want to experience Kyoto? Visiting temples? Shopping? Eating? Hiking? Work with KyoTours to craft your own experience and let's create a tour that suits your budget and interests. From a single afternoon to multiple days, the possibilities are endless...                     

Journeys into the Surrounding Region

Half Day Trip to Nara

Nara was the original capital of Japan before Kyoto was founded. Today, many excellent historical sites remain in Nara. KyoTours offers a private tour to Nara departing from Kyoto for visitors who want to experience a whole other side of the Kansai region and see what lies beyond Kyoto.         

Full Day Mt. Hieizan and Enryakuji Temple Trek

Towering above Kyoto to the northwest is Mount Hieizan, considered one of the most important holy mountains in Japan and the finest lookout point in Kyoto. Explore the solemn temple complex perched on Mt. Hieizan's peak, and experience amazing views from above the clouds.              

Overnight Journey to Koyasan

In the mountains of Wakayama is a remarkable and ancient religious site. KyoTours offers an exclusive overnight Koyasan tour that will handle all booking and travel arrangements, and provide you with a fascinating experience at Koyasan. Departs conveniently from Kyoto or Osaka.  

Hands On Cultural Experiences

Exclusive Tea Ceremony Experience

KyoTours Japan and Kyugetsu Tea House invite you to an experience that you won't find anywhere else. Enjoy a unique ceremony led by native English-speaking experts in the art of tea that will leave you both enlightened and awed at the refinement that the ceremony celebrates. A truly special event.

Wagashi Sweets Workshop

Wagashi are Japanese sweets that are all about presentation and design. Try your hand at creating these edible works of art with KyoTours along for translation and support. Perfect for families, kids, couples, or anyone who has a sweet tooth and wants to embrace their inner creativity.

Goshuin Temple Seals & Calligraphy Collecting

Add an interesting touch to any of our tours by using a special book to collect beautiful seals and calligraphy at each temple and shrine you visit while in Kyoto. This traditional activity of pilgrims is a fun and interactive way to experience the culture of Japan and create your own souvenir.