Itinerary subject to change due to seasonal changes in temple hours, special events, transportation delays, weather, or other factors. Guests will be kept informed of any itinerary changes as they occur on the day of the tour.

Guides will wait at the predetermined meeting or pickup point for 30 minutes from the tour start time for guests. After 30 minutes of waiting and no contact from the guest, it is considered a no-show. Guides are not responsible for communicating with hotel or lodging staff regarding guest whereabouts. The cancellation policy for no-shows outlined below applies. Please contact your guide if you are running late.

Tours will operate normally on rainy days, and guests are expected to provide their own rain gear as they feel necessary. Umbrellas are suggested instead of raincoats and ponchos, as those items can drip inside temples or other indoor locations. Tour itineraries can be adapted to match the weather in some cases, for example: seeing more indoor temples than outdoor gardens. Your guide will consult you regarding any changes as they occur. KyoTours may suggest canceling the tour if the weather forecast looks unpleasant enough to cause discomfort during the tour.

Guests are expected to wear clothing appropriate for the setting and season. For hiking tours, the guide reserves the right to refuse service to guests who are dressed inappropriately for the level of physicality expected for the tour. For example, no flip flops or high heels. Additionally, extremely revealing clothing may prevent a guest from entering certain temples or shrines out of respect for the religious significance of the locations. Guides will inform the guests at the meeting time if any clothing is deemed inappropriate.

Guests may be asked to sign a liability waiver on certain hiking or driving tours. If so, they will be informed of this prior to the tour date.

Please consult with us at the time of booking if a member of your group will be using a wheelchair or mobility device, as unfortunately many locations in Japan are not wheelchair accessible. We would be happy to try to accommodate you with a special itinerary, but please note that it may require a reduction in the number of locations due to safety and accessibility. More information about traveling in Japan with a disability can be found here: Accessible Japan

Photography and video are encouraged on our tours. Please be respectful and follow all rules at locations regarding photography. If you will be taking any promotional photos or video during the tour, please let us know when booking.

Typhoon Storms and Severe Weather

For guests visiting Japan in summer months during the typhoon season, please read the following carefully:

Typhoons are hurricanes that form in the northern hemisphere and affect Japan from approximately June to October. It's difficult to know exactly how each storm will affect Kyoto until it arrives, but typhoons should to be taken very seriously. Trains stop running, business close, winds are heavy, and rivers flood. It is advised that you stay indoors during the peak hours of a typhoon storm. Guests are advised to keep an eye on the weather report in the days leading up to their tour, especially during typhoon season.

Tours will NOT operate on a day where a typhoon is expected pass through the Kansai region. Tours within a 48 hour window of a typhoon making landfall may need to be cancelled as well if the weather outlook is poor. Tours canceled due to a typhoon can be moved to another day within one week from the original date if scheduling allows, or a full refund will be issued.

KyoTours reserves the right to cancel tours if severe weather warnings for rain, wind, or snow have been issued by the Japanese Meteorological Agency for the day a tour is scheduled to occur. Tours canceled due to severe weather warnings can be moved to another day within one week from the original date if scheduling allows, or a full refund will be issued.

If a guest decides to cancel the tour because of inclement weather (excluding typhoons and severe weather as outlined above), refunds will follow the standard refund policy.

Cancellation and Refunds

  • 15 days (by 8:00 pm local time) or earlier prior to your tour date cancellation: 100% refund
  • 15 (after 8:00 pm local time) to 7 days (by 8:00 pm local time) prior to your tour date cancellation: 80% refund
  • 7 (after 8:00 pm local time) to 2 days (by 8:00 pm local time) prior to your tour date cancellation: 50% refund
  • 2 days (after 8:00 pm local time) prior to your tour date cancellation, same day cancellation, or no-show: no refund
  • (above times refer to the timestamp on emails sent by guests)

For all refunds for cancellations by guests, Paypal service fees charged during the initial transaction may be deducted from the total amount refunded. Thank you for your understanding.

Refunds will be issued via paypal within 30 days from the scheduled tour date.

If one or more guests in a group decide to not participate in a tour without prior notice following the cancellation schedule outlined above, it will be treated as a partial no-show, and a partial refund will be up to the discretion of KyoTours Japan.

Tours to Nara and Koyasan include reserved seat train tickets. These tickets will be bought before the tour date, and are non refundable. Nara tickets may be bought by KyoTours up to two days before the tour date or upon an agreed upon time thereafter, and Koyasan tickets will be bought exactly 30 days before the tour date.

Guides will wait at the predetermined meeting or pickup point for 30 minutes from the tour start time for guests. After 30 minutes of waiting and no contact from the guest, it is considered a no-show. Guides will attempt to contact guests if possible, but are not responsible for communicating with hotel or lodging staff regarding guest whereabouts.

Guests may move their tour to another day convenient to both parties within a week of the original booking if scheduling allows. Tour cannot be moved after 8:00 pm local time the day before the tour is scheduled to occur. If no other time is available, guests will receive a refund following the policy outlined above.

KyoTours reserves the right to cancel any tours at any time before they begin, and will issue a full refund within 30 days.

Guests with injuries limiting their mobility or health may be grounds for tour cancellation or modification following the standard cancellation policy.

If a guest decides to cancel the tour because of inclement weather (excluding typhoons as explained above), refunds will follow the policy outlined above in regards to refund amounts and service fees.

Certain tours that include hikes may need to be canceled in the case of heavy rain or snow in the 48 hours before the tour. Tours canceled for this reason can be moved to another day within one week from the original date if scheduling allows, or a full refund will be issued within 30 days.

Portions of the tour fee set aside for certain activities or restaurant reservations may be nonrefundable if canceled at the last minute.

In the case that a tour with lodging fees or special transportation tickets is canceled by the customer, lodging and transportation fees may not be refundable or fully refundable.

For Guests Arriving From Tokyo or Osaka

Your guide will be happy to meet you on the bullet train platform upon arrival from Tokyo if your tour will begin immediately after meetup.

Guests arriving from another city by train on the same day as their tour can be met at Kyoto Station if the tour is to start immediately after meeting. Bullet train passengers can be met on the train platform, but guests arriving on other trains will be met in the lobby of the Granvia hotel inside Kyoto Station. However, bullet train guests MUST provide their rain number, arrival time, and car number by 8:00pm two days before the tour. For example, if your tour is on the 3rd, you must provide your train information by 8:00pm on the 1st. If KyoTours Japan does not receive the information by this deadline, we hold the right to cancel the tour and follow the refund policy as outlined on this page.

If you do not arrive on the train at the scheduled time, your guide will wait for 30 minutes on the platform before considering it a no show. Please inform your guide by email or phone if you miss your train or there is any other delay.

If arriving from Osaka, your guide may suggest a meetup at a determined time in the lobby of the Granvia Hotel located in Kyoto Station, especially if you you will be arriving during rush hour.


Tour prices are non-negotiable and do not fluctuate by the guest's country of origin.

Tour fees are calculated by an initial base fee for one guest, with an extra fee for each additional guest.

Taxi fares included in transportation costs are calculated using mid rang estimates from and adjusted for traffic, time of day, and season.

Tours must be paid for in advance. Guests will receive a Paypal invoice via email, which allows for a variety of secure methods to pay (credit card, debit card, bank transfer, etc).

Reservations and communication

An email from a guest requesting a tour is not an official reservation. Unless otherwise stated, only after a hotel name or Air BnB location deatils have been priovided AND a meetup time has been confirmed AND KyoTours has informed the guest that payment has been received are tours considered officially confirmed.

Requested tour dates will be held for one week after KyoTours replies to a guest after their initial contact. Unless stated otherwise, dates will not be held beyond one week if the guests does not reply to email(s).

If, during the process of reservation and booking communications, the guest does not reply to emails or maintain an expected level of communication for a period longer than 14 days, KyoTours reserves the right to consider the reservation abandoned and open the day(s) being held for other inquiries without notification.

After a Paypal invoice has been sent, if payment has not been made within 45 days and no further communications have been received from the guest, KyoTours reserves the right to consider the reservation abandoned, cancel the Paypal invoice, and open the day(s) being held to other reservations.

If payment has not been received by 8:00pm local time two days before the tour date, KyoTours reserves the right to cancel the tour reservation. For example, if your tour is on the 3rd, you must fulfill payment by 8:00pm on the 1st.

KyoTours makes an effort to send a reminder email to guests approximately one week before their tour, but may not send an email if the reservation was made within a reasonable window of time that KyoTours has determined is adequate to not require a reminder email.

Emails not received or sent by KyoTours due to technical problems or email issues caused by third party issues are not the responsibility of KyoTours.

KyoTours may not be able to answer phonecalls while on tours or in other situations where we cannot answer the phone.

Travel Consultation

Travel consultation, trip planning, and itinerary creation services require an initial downpayment of 5,000 yen that covers the first hour of consultation communication. Upon receipt of downpayment, KyoTours will begin additional consultation and planning priced at 4,000 yen per hour.

KyoTours may provide only an itinerary outline or basic information, and will deliver further details upon clearance of payment.

Additional questions and communications are permitted after consultation, but major additions or changes to the itinerary may require further hourly payment.

Children and Families

Children of all ages are welcome on all of our tours. Reduction in fees for children and students is available at some temples and for some methods of transportation. Please let us know the age of any children accompanying you on the tour and prices will be adjusted according. Students may be required to show a student ID.

Strollers and hand-held baby carriers are not recommended on any of our tours. Backpack carriers for young children are suggested. Guests may be required to carry babies and fold up any strollers or carriers on public transportation. Taxis will most likely not be able to accommodate or provide child seats.

Some tours may be less suitable for small children than others due to amount of walking or the selection of sites visited. Please inquire at time of reservation communication about our recommendations.

Some restaurants and experiences may not allow children under certain ages.


If a tour includes a meal or a stop for food and/or drink, guests will be responsible for their own bill unless otherwise stated in the tour description or negotiated in pre-booking communication.

Guests must inform us BEFORE reservation payment if they are vegetarian, vegan, gluten free or have other dietary restrictions. Due to Japanese cooking techniques and attitudes about ingredients in Japan, we cannot guarantee what will be available at regular restaurants. KyoTours is not responsible for arranging special dietary meals and may not be able to so if guests do not inform us during booking.

Guess with dietary limitations are encouraged to do their own research about Japanese cuisine before coming to Japan.


No insurance of any type is provided or implied by KyoTours. Guests are encouraged to arrange their own travel insurance.


KyoTours is not obligated to arrange lodging, travel, or dining for guests, and may be unable to do so for legal reasons.

Foreign visitors are required by Japanese law to carry their passport at all times.

KyoTours does not provide luggage storage or luggage transportation.

KyoTours guides reserve the right to immediately end a tour in progress for any of the following reasons: 1) A guest is found to posses or is suspected of possessing items illegal in Japan on their person or in their luggage, 2) A guest displays improper behavior during a tour that could be interpreted as offensive to others around them, 3) A guest performs an action that is illegal in Japan, or informs the guide that they intend to or have already done so, 4) Other behavior deemed grossly inappropriate by the guide. Law enforcement may be contacted at the discretion of KyoTours. Refunds and further communication may not be available upon termination of a tour for the above reasons.

Tours cannot be conducted using a guest's personal vehicle or rental car.

Guests under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult from their group during all portions of a visit to a hot spring that occurs during a tour.

Guests under the age of 18 cannot ride in a taxi unaccompanied by an adult guardian during tours.


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