My partner and I spent a delightful morning with Terin last week visiting Arashiyama. It poured with rain, and it didn’t stop all morning, we were pretty soaked, but you know what? The time flew, the tour was just engrossing and visited such interesting places we really didn’t give the weather another thought. The guide had a tremendous breadth of knowledge, shared in a way that makes you feel like you are taking a walk with a friend. Nothing was too much trouble and no question was too silly. Thoroughly, thoroughly enjoyable and easily the best thing that we did in Kyoto, in fact probably in our whole two weeks in Japan.
— Harj from UK, via Trip Advisor
I can’t recommend this tour enough if you want to get a feel for “Real Kyoto” because it just felt right walking around town with Terin. He was incredibly knowledgeable and helpful, and recommended a great place for dinner. Only regret was not booking this tour for a whole day.
— Jeff from Des Moines, via Trip Advisor
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We had a great tour with Terin. He took us to important as well as less-traveled sites, with a lot of historical narrative along the way. We came away with a very good understanding of Japanese history. Terin even arranged a very reasonably-priced vegetarian kaiseki meal for us at a lovely little restaurant.
— Raghu57 from Texas, via Trip Advisor
This was the best tour we’ve ever done outside of the US. The guide was really friendly and seemed to highly enjoy sharing his city with us, and we wished he had booked a full day with him. His suggestions for where to go after were helpful and he even marked up our map for other points of interests for the following day.
— madibenson87 from Phoenix, via trip Advisor
Professional, punctual, non-intrusive and likeable Terin. I did not realise he was a native English speaker when we booked which was a bonus. He catered for every need and also he covers all charges for trains and entrance etc. which was a real value. Actually cares about his work which he does in a quiet non assuming manner. It is not a scripted repetitive memorised guided tour but a personable tour where you can ask whatever you like to someone who actually takes an in depth care into his work. Highly recommended especially when you take into account most sites in Kyoto provide just minimalist descriptions in English and with KyoTours you get in depth and exclusive information you would not find anywhere else.
— bkk08 from Bangkok, via Trip Advisor
Had a great few hours with Terin showing us around the back roads of Kyoto with our family group of 5 adults and 1 child. Terin took care of everything for us, purchasing all our tickets and teaching us about the Japanese culture and customs along the way. His respect for Japan and the people we encountered was very obvious. We saw heaps but never felt rushed or that we might be missing something. Terin easily adapted the tour to suit us and we felt we had a friend proudly showing us his home town rather than being on an organized tour.
— Star M from Australia, via Trip Advisor
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Terin is extremely professional and takes great pride in his work - he really goes the extra mile. Kyoto, probably more than any destination I have been to, allows a guide to really add value. Many of the best gardens, temples, shrines, villages, restaurants we visited with KyoTours can easily be missed. I doubt most visitors got even 10% of what the area has to offer.
— John Mower from Phillipines, via Trip Advisor
If you want to learn about Japanese culture, history (both modern and ancient) and visit unique places that no other tourist guide will take you, KyoTours is a must! Terin has a deep understanding of Japanese culture and with the ability to bridge Western and Japanese worlds wuth the intersection of Shintoism, Buddhism and history. He also is great at adapting the tour as you go. For instance, we mentioned we had never been at a tea house and he took us to the oldest tea house in Kyoto, even though it was not part of the tour. I wanted to try tofu ice cream and he took us to a place where we could get one. But most importantly, you will learn so much!
— Gabriela V from USA, via Trip Advisor
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My two adult children and I spent a half day with Terin on his Arashiyama back roads tour. I can whole-heartedly say it was truly fabulous. Terin not only taught us much about the sites we saw with him but also helped us put all we saw in Kyoto into context. We highly recommend taking one of his tours - it will be one of the high points of your trip.
— CJSD21 from San Diego, via Trip Advisor
Had a wonderful day with Terin and KyoTours. Terin was very mindful and made sure that he would adapt the trip to our desire and needs at all times. He is extremely knowledgeable and clearly passionate about what he does.
— J D from Egypt, via Trip Advisor