KyoTours Japan's Instagram Highlights

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Here are some of our favorite highlights from the KyoTours Instagram feed. Enjoy!


The Kamogawa River on the east side of Kyoto under late summer clouds.



Todaiji Daibutsu, the world's largest bronze Buddha, in the ancient capital of Nara.



Spotting a maiko (geisha-in-training) in Pontocho is always an exciting surprise.



One of my favorite landscape in Kyoto. Sand as water, water as life.



Sampling sake and snacks. Japanese alcohol is just as diverse as the world of wine.



Sometimes a garden doesn't need much of anything at all to be impressive.



A friendly face in Nara Deer Park.



The floating tori gate at low tide on Miyajima Island, Hiroshima.



The golden pavalion at Kinkakuji reflected in the boating pond.



A wonderfully abstract Zen design symbolizing the Buddhist universe.



Hundreds of statues lining a path in Miyajima, each with his own knit hat.



Zen and sky. A classic Kyoto view, one of my favorites in the city.

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