Photo Feature: Snowy Arashiyama

Kyoto had a few days of major snowfall this winter, as you might have seen in the pictures we shared of snowy Higashiyama, the eastern edge of Kyoto City. A few days after that, KyoTours Japan took a group of visitors over to the western side of Kyoto, and we were treated to a snowy landscape in Arashiyama. Nestled back in the hills and at a slightly higher elevation than the rest of the city, Arashiyama was still blanketed in a thick cover of snow.

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These pictures were taken on our Arashiyama Backroads Tour. Click on each pic for larger versions.


Snow on the bamboo stalks in the forest.



Gravestone and Buddha statues in one of Kyoto's oldest cemetaries.



Thatched roofs are an uncommon sight in Kyoto outside of Arashiyama.



Snowy temple high in the hills.



Rows and rows of Buddhist statues lined up at this spot off the beaten path.



The smiling face of one of 1200 rakan statues, followers of the Buddha.



Looking out from a warm tea house.



Persimmons on the tree above a thatched roof hut.



Samurai-style residence overlooking the city.



A thick layer of snow on the famous rock garden at Ryoanji Zen temple.



Snow piled up on the hillside.



Late afternoon sun.



Snowy bamboo grove.



Entryway to one of the best gardens in Kyoto. Watch your head.



Snowy sunset.


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