Photo Feature: Kyoto in the Snow

Yesterday was a very special day in Kyoto. Thanks to some very cold air from Siberia pushing down on Japan, we were treated to a record snowfall in the Kansai region. A chance to see Kyoto covered in this much snow is rare indeed, and the guests on our tour yesterday were treated to a real winter wonderland.

Enjoy the following pictures from snowy Higashiyama on the eastern side of Kyoto, and be sure to follow KyoTours Japan on Instagram for a (semi)daily dose of amazing Kyoto.

These pictures were taken on a modified snowday version of our Kyoto Highlights Tour.

The main gate at Chion-in temple. Always impressive, but even more so with falling snow.



A woman in kimono admires the lanterns at Yasaka Shrine in Gion.



A fantastic winter landscape in the garden at Shoren-in temple.


Yasaka Shrine in Gion during the heaviest snowfall of the day.



There's a small zen rock garden under all that snow at this temple in the foothills of Higashiyama.



Frozen water basin.



Despite the heavy snow, the underside of this massive 800 year-old camphor tree was still remarkably green.


A close up look at a real geisha is rare enough. But three of them? With a snowy background? Absolutely sublime.



Guardian fox statue at Fushimi Inari Shrine.



The orange gates where even more vibrant than usual against the snowy scenery.



Here comes the sun. The snowy weather was nice while it lasted, but all things must pass.



Minimalist traces of snow at Ryoanji Zen garden.



You don't want to know what's buried under this hill.



The thaw at Kenninji Zen Temple in Gion.



Islands of snow on a sea of ice.


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