Photo Feature: Three Days With KyoTours Japan

One of the best parts of being a tour guide is watching guests discover Japan for the first time. I recently spent three days with some visitors from Kansas, USA exploring Kyoto and Nara, and they were constantly snapping pictures. It's always interesting to see what people find photo-worthy in Kyoto, and these recent guests did not disappoint.

The following are all pictures from their Instagram feed, and I think they did a great job capturing the best of Kyoto. I think these pics also express the style of tours we aim for at KyoTours Japan: off the beaten path, up close and personal with the city's culture, and a bit quieter and more thoughtful than what you get on a group tour.

Many of these pics were taken on our Arashiyama Backroads Tour, which - as you can see - provides some very photogenic moments of the more rural side of Kyoto. Other shots are from our Kyoto Highlights Tour and our half day Journey to Nara. Follow KyoTours Japan on Instagram to see more pictures from our tours.

Photos shared here with permission, but captions are mine. Enjoy.


Beautiful view of Kyoto from Arashiyama. Mt. Hieizan looms over the city off in the distance.   

A beautiful view of Kyoto from Arashiyama. Mt Hieizan looms over the city in the distance.


Matcha tea and wagashi sweets at a teahouse that claims to be the oldest tea establishment in Kyoto. This heritage might be doubtful, but it's still a wonderful spot to stop for some tea.

Traditional matcha tea and wagashi sweets at one of the oldest teahouses in Kyoto.


Layers of detail on the magnificent Goeido-mon gate at Higashi Honganji Temple.


Small temple in the garden at Okochi Sanso Villa in Arashiyama.


Kyoto Tower, a 1964 retro landmark both loved and loathed by locals. Picturesque regardless.


gioji moss garden arashiyama kyoto.png

One of Kyoto's best moss gardens, with just a touch of early autumn color on the maple trees.


Station steps. The balance between traditional and modern architecture in Kyoto is often quite striking.


Tenryuji, one of the finest gardens in Japan. A fine example of classic gardening techniques.


The giant Daibutsu Buddha in Nara. Truly a world wonder, and only 35 minutes from Kyoto.


mochi nara.png

Fresh mochi sweets made by hand and rolled in kinako soybean powder. Best eaten warm.


Bamboo in Arashiyama, but the not the famous forest overrun with tourists. One of my secret spots.


Examining a gorinto gravestone on a walk through the rural edge of Kyoto.


Juzu bracelet from Todaiji Temple in Nara. A wonderful souvenir with a bit of spiritual meaning attached to it.


Kyoto, Japan's most amazing city.


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