This workshop is a basic introduction to Japanese matcha tea, its preparation, and the ceremony designed around serving it to guests. Your guide, tea instructor Tyas Sosen, will offer detailed explanations of the elements of tea and the ceremony in natural, easy to understand English. You won't find this sort of authentic experience with such an experienced foreign instructor anywhere else in Kyoto.

The thin tea ceremony and hands on workshop includes:

  • Enjoy an introduction and Q&A on Japanese tea and the rite of serving it to guests.
  • Observe up close as your host demonstrates the proper way to prepare matcha tea using traditional tools.
  • Try your hand at preparing your own bowl of tea. Can you whisk it just right to unlock the rich flavors?
  • Savor your own bowl of tea, along with a traditional wagashi sweet that complements the strong matcha.
  • Observe the tea utensils up close with a hands on explanation of each tool and its history.
  • Engage your host in an open Q&A about tea, traditional culture, and life as a foreigner in Japan.
  • Browse the selection of organic leaf tea and powdered matcha available for purchase.

We recommend this workshop for anyone interested in taking the first step into the world of tea, or wanting to taste matcha for the first time in a traditional setting. You'll leave with a greater understanding and appreciation of the tea ceremony and how such a refined art form can only exist in Japan.

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I have already visited moreover 25 countries but only in Japan, Kyoto I had such experience. I was sure that I like only black tea with sugar and that other types of tea, especially green tea, are not good for me. I was mistaken! Green tea can be tasty! Thank you one more time for such unforgettable event!!!
— AnastaysiaSob, from Russia via Trip Advisor

Additional information

  • Tea workshops may only available on certain days.
  • Reservations required.
  • Workshop fees are payable in cash upon arrival at tea house.
  • Not recommended for children under age 16.
  • All tea is vegetarian friendly, but bento lunches may contain some non-vegetarian elements.
  • Itinerary and availability subject to change due to seasonal changes in hours, special events, transportation delays, weather, or other factors. Guests will be kept informed of any itinerary changes as they occur on the day of the tour.
  • Please read our terms and conditions for more information before booking.

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